09/01/2017 Billion to Launch the New Enterprise 4G LTE Dual-SIM Router Series

Billion Electric, the leading ICT solutions provider in Asia Pacific, announced the launch of its the new 4G LTE Dual-SIM Dual-Band Router series with Wi-Fi, VPN, VoIP – BiPAC 4520AZ and BiPAC 4520VAOZ. The new series is specifically designed for indoor applications including, SOHO, enterprise, retail stores, restaurants and financial institutions by delivering high-speed internet connectivity with ultra stability and security.
BiPAC 4520AZ and 4520VAOZ feature the latest 4G LTE fixed wireless network supporting CAT 3/4/6, providing maximum Internet speed 300Mbps with the ability to use different provider and prioritize fallback through the equipped two SIM card slots. With an integrated
dual-band Wi-Fi Access Point and four Gigabit Ethernet ports, BiPAC 4520 series can run on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands concurrently with the combination Wi-Fi speed 1200 Mbps. The valued-added applications such as Wi-Fi hotspot and push advertising are also supported by the series.
Uniquely embedded dual SIM 4G LTE and EWAN, BiPAC 4520 series allows users to choose either 4G TLE service as the primary interface with auto
and the EWAN interface can be used as back up connection when both 4G TLE connections fail, which ensures continued internet connectivity with high availability. Supporting robust VPN protocols, the series helps business users to secure private network traffic over the public internet. Data is encrypted for confidentiality while being transmitted between headquarter and branch offices. Furthermore, BiPAC 4520 VAOZ has two FXS ports that can connect to two analog phones, offering dual lines for making economic VoIP calls.
“ Users reliance on Wi-Fi hotspot and an emerging service grow significantly that pushing advertising has become the new business. With BiPAC 4520 wireless solutions, retailers, vendors, and service provider can generate revenue by pushing an advertisement to the hotspot users based on different locations. Meanwhile, banks, chain stores, department stores can take advantage of auto failover and VPN functionalities to achieve business continuity with seamless and secure transaction process.“ said Ted Ho, Chief Technology Officer of Billion Electric Co.

About Billion Electric
Billion Electric is a global leading provider of ICT solutions. Billion is committed to acting as responsible corporate citizens, innovative enablers for the information society, and collaborative contributors to the industry through creating maximum value for global telecom operators.