08/11/2017 Billion BiPAC 8900AX-2400 is ranked the top 10 best wireless router

Whether you’re one of the 67 million monthly active players on Steam or you just like kicking back and binging Netflix series, eventually you’re going to need a new router, specifically the wireless kind unless you want to be tethered to a desk. These days, however, there are a lot of different routers to choose from. Some are more traditional form factors sporting multiple 2.4 and 5GHz bands while others are wireless mesh systems that require the purchase of multiple hubs to fully enjoy.

"Billon’s BiPac 8900AX-2400 router continues the company’s reputation for creating affordable-yet-solidly-performing devices. Aimed at small businesses and home users who don’t mind doing a bit of tweaking in complicated user interfaces, if you’re after a simple and stylish plug-and-play router, you’ll want to look elsewhere. At £280 (around $360, AU$470), this is a reasonably-priced router considering its specifications. It delivers a throughput of 2400Mbps – making it the fastest router Billion has produced, and it does this over two bands – both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 

It also includes a built-in ADSL2+ modem – something many routers do not include (and the ones that do are usually more expensive).  This gives the Billion BiPac 8900AX-2400 router more flexibility and means you don’t have to have two boxes taking up space – as you can use it to replace the modem."  reviewed by techradar. 

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