Billion M100/M150

In-Vehicle Solution
Smart Bus Public Safety Public Safety
Billion M500 Billion M600-PT
LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router

Bazaar/Fair Solution

Billion M120N Billion M100
LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router Advanced Industrial 4G/LTE Router

Indoor & Outdoor Enterprise Broadband Networking Solutions
for SME Users


Our enterprise networking solutions integrated with many connectivity options from traditional wired options, xDSL & Active Fiber, to the wireless option, LTE & M2M. We provide customized, industrial-grade router choice for your business with extensive range features such as LTE, VDSL2/ADSL2+, and EWAN with auto-failover, VPN, and VoIP to meet all your networking requirements.

Manageable devices
Best bandwidth usage
Always on secure connection

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9900VA 8200AXL 4520VAOZ

Kiosk/ATM Solution
Billion M100 BiPAC 8920NZ
Advanced Industrial 4G/LTE Router Dual-SIM LTE Embedded V/ADSL2+ Wireless-N VPN Firewall Router

Billion Standalone CMS Central Management System