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Open Frame Power Supply - 96PS-060

We offers a series of high-quality open frame supply PSU - 96PS-060, which is an AC to DC power transfer device and has the capability to deliver 120W DC output with constant voltage source. Welcome small quantity OEM/ODM customers.
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Output requirements Following is the output tabl:
Item CH1
Output +24V
Min Load Current 0A
Max Load Current 5A
Peak Load Current 23A
Line Regulation ±3%
Load Regulation ±5%
Ripple & Noise 300mV

Output requirements measurements
All voltages are to be measured on the connector of the PSU.
During the project development, the main PCB can be replaced by (a) dummy equivalent
load-PCB(s). This dummy load contains resistive loads on the corresponding pins of the PSU
connector. On all pins an elcap in parallel is connected. See the table of the output requirements as

Voltage name Cap load
+24V 47uF L.ESR+0.1uF

The absolute secondary voltage tolerances include line and load regulations. Ripple and
Noise are peak to peak values (bandwidth 20MHz).

  • SCP: Latch shutdown output when +24V output is short.
  • OVP: Latch shutdown output when output voltage is over +30V.
General characteristics
Leakage Current 240Vac / 50Hz <0.5mA
Insulation resistance 500Vdc, from primary to secondary of 1minute >25M Ω
Dielectric Strength (Hi-Pot) 3000Vac, from primary (I/P Short) to secondary (O/P Short) of 1minute, <10mA(3 seconds for mass production)
PF VALUE 240Vac / 50Hz PF>0.9 100Vac / 60Hz PF>0.95
Temperature Operating 0 to 40°C
Temperature Storage -40 to +85°C
Humidity Operating 20% ~ 90%
Humidity Storage 5% ~ 95%
Electrical Specification
Input voltage (AC~) single phase Normal 100-240Vac Max: 80-276Vac
Input frequency. Normal 50/60Hz Max: 47-63Hz
Input current 2A max. @100Vac / 60Hz max load
Inrush current 150A max. @230Vac / 50Hz cold start max load
Hold-up time 5ms min. @115Vac / 60Hz max load
Efficiency 82% Typ. @115 Vac / 60Hz, MAX load
Safety & EMC requirement
Safety Meet UL/cUL, CB, BSMI, CCC.

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