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Billion provides home users with comprehensive home networking solutions ranging from wired and wireless ADSL2+ routers, VoIP, 3G/HSDPA, 4G LTE, SHDSL, VDSL2, GPON/Fiber gateway, HomePlug AV adapter to broadband router. With Billion's all-in-one packages, home users can enjoy the benefits economically , eliminating the need of purchasing additional networking devices. Using easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) featured in Billion's home networking products, home users can set up their Internet connection quickly and effortlessly. In addition to broadband Internet connections, Billion's home networking solutions offer more convenience, data security, cost-effective VoIP communication, and entertainment options in your home.

Billion M2M Series
Billion Firewall ADSL2+ Router Series
Billion Wireless Router Series
Billion GPON / Fiber Gateway Series
Billion Switches
Billion 3G / ADSL2+ Router Series

3G / 4G LTE

Billion VDSL2 Modem / Router Series
Billion Powerline Series
Billion BPL Series
Billion SHDSL Bridge / Router Series
Billion Zigbee Series
Billion EOC Series
Billion VoIP Router Series
Billion SSL VPN/ IPSec VPN



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