04/20/2017 Visit Billion at LED Expo Mumbai, May 11th~13th.

Billion is coming to India in May! It' s our pleasure to invite you to one of the largest LED exhibitions in South East Asia, LED Expo Mumbai. We will be exhibiting Intelligent Streetlight Management System, Indoor Lighting Solution, Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver Series. Do not miss the great opportunity!

Intelligent Streetlight Management Solution
Billion LCMS™ acts as the next-generation lighting control by revealing real-time streetlight status and monitoring data on the cloud-based system. Supporting multiple communication protocols PLC/Zigbee/WiFi/3G 4GLTE, Billion LCMS™ transfers collected front-end sensory data such as temperature& humidity, PM2.5, and luminance level to the central console without interruption, enabling various smart city applications including IP camera, auto-dimming, street billboard and public signage.
Smart Indoor Lighting Control System
Incorporating with PIR sensor, smart IoT gateway, cloud computing, and alarm system, Billion Inlight improves the overall indoor lighting experience by providing superior dimming, scheduling and controlling options on the convenient App interface. Users can remotely control on/off of single or a group of lights, which can not only decrease the power consumption but also improve the overall office/home environments.
Comprehensive Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver Series
We provide a comprehensive selection of Indoor/Outdoor LED drivers that cater to all lighting scenarios, including 9W~40W Indoor LED drivers, 40W~150W High Voltage/High Efficiency/Standard Outdoor LED drivers, and 40~120W COB Commercial/Industrial LED driver series.
Information of Billion booth at LED Expo Mumbai
Time: 5/11~13
Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center, India
Booth: Hall 6 D52

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