05/23/2017 Billion to Unveil New Home/SOHO 4G/LTE Wireless CPE Router Series at Computex 2017

Taipei, Taiwan - Billion Electric, the leading ICT solutions provider in Asia Pacific, is to announce the launch of 4G/LTE MiFi router - BiPAC 4300MR, with Home/SOHO 4G/LTE Wireless CPE router series - BiPAC 4400CRL-Q, BiPAC 4400CRVL-Q2, BiPAC 4410CRL-Q2, and BiPAC 4410CRVL-Q2 during Computex 2017. Featuring the latest 4G/LTE technology, dual-band 11N & 11AC wireless, auto failover/failback, VoIP functionalities, the series delivers blistering and reliable internet connectivity for telecommunication carriers users.
BiPAC 4300MR (4G LTE MiFi Router) serves as a portable WiFi Hotspot which supports 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency band with peak download rate 150Mbps. By inserting a SIM card, BiPAC 4300MR can provide stable internet connectivity, which allows simultaneous Internet access for up to 10 electronic devices.
Both BiPAC 4400CRL-Q (4G LTE WiFi 802.11n CPE Router) and BiPAC 4400CRVL-Q2 ( 4G LTE WiFi 802.11n VoIP CPE Router) support 11n technology with wireless speed up to 300Mbps. The VoIP service is also backed by BiPAC 4400CRVL-Q2 (4G LTE WiFi 802.11n VoIP CPE Router) and BiPAC 4410CRVL-Q2 (4G LTE WiFi 802.11ac VoIP CPE Router) through 2 FXS ports, offering the dual lines for making a point to point VoIP call to enable the most commercial dialing experience.
BiPAC 4410CRL-Q2 (4G LTE WiFi 802.11ac CPE Router) and BiPAC 4410CRVL-Q2 (4G LTE WiFi 802.11ac VoIP CPE Router) support concurrent 11n(2.4GHz)/11ac(5GHz), reaching up to 867Mbps with ultimate flexibility. Integrated with 4 Giga Ethernet LAN ports and 1 WAN port, BiPAC 4410CRL-Q2 and BiPAC 4410CRVL-Q2 can easily connect to other Cable/Fiber/xDSL modem devices for broadband connectivity.

“We provide a comprehensive range of 4G/LTE device selections to meet all the networking demands of our global customers and optimize the internet experience at all times," said Eric Kao, Senior Product Manager of Billion Electric Co., Ltd.  

  BiPAC 4300MR BiPAC 4400CRL-Q BiPAC 4410CRVL-Q2 BiPAC 4400CRVL-Q2 BiPAC 4410CRL-Q2
  4G/LTE MiFi Router 4G LTE Wireless-N CPE Router 4G LTE Wireless-AC CPE Router 4G LTE Wireless-N VoIP CPE Router  4G LTE Wireless-AC VoIP CPE Router
WAN Interface
EWAN - v Giga v Giva
2G/3G v v v v v
4G/LTE v v v v v
Hardware Interface
SIM Slot 1 1 1 1 1
Fast Ethernet - 4 - 4 -
Giga Ethernet - - 4 - 4
USB 2.0 - - 1 - 1
FXS - - - 2 2
FXO - - - - -
802.11n 150Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps
802.11ac - - 876Mbps - 876Mbps
IPv4/IPv6 - v v v v
Failover/Fallback - v v v v
Dual APNs - v v v v

Billion Electric Booth, Computex 2017
Time:  May 30th~June 3rd
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition, TWTC Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Booth: A1119