09/04/2017 Billion Introduces Wireless Digital Signage Solution

Billion Advanced M2M / 4G LTE Router and Centralized Management System for Digital Signage Applications

How to drive traffic to the store? Digital signage has become one of the most popular technologies that retail shops, restaurants, department stores, and movie theaters implement to attract attention from audiences. Dynamic and interactive displays allow stores to show a variety of contents to potential customers, which can not only generate revenue but also improve brand awareness in a long-term. 
Billion wireless solution provides the latest 4G LTE fixed wireless network that connects screen player with the content server. The digital signage can be placed at anywhere that 4G LTE is available, which diminishes the need for network construction. With the high-bandwidth available through 4G LTE connectivity, store owners can display advertisements, news feed, photograph or even live video in digital signage and instantly update contents from remote locations. Meanwhile, Billion wireless solution helps store owners secure private network traffic over the public network by supporting robust IPSEC VPN mechanism. Data is encrypted while being transmitted between digital signages and headquarter. 

By implementing Billion Central Management System, a cloud-based central monitoring platform designed for controlling Billion M2M and 4G LTE routers, store owners can monitor devices and cellular connection such as signal strength and availability from a single centralized location, which can significantly reduce the maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency. Billion wireless solution integrates with the most advanced features, delivering the secure, reliable and flexible wireless connectivity, and providing faster ROI and added value to digital signage solution by increasing sales revenue and reducing overhead.