04/01/2015 Billion Electric at the Third Biggest Lighting Event in Europe

23rd International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2015 in Poland concluded with approximately five hundred exhibitors, representing producers, distributors from all over the world. During the event, Billion Electric Co. showcased its newest lighting solutions and LED drivers as well as announced Poland is to be the first country that the company takes the initiative to expand in Europe.

International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2015 reflected an impressive growth of Poland’s lighting market that is suitable for the entry of international companies. LIGHT, combined exhibition, conferences, workshops, and seminars, is the biggest lighting event in Poland and the third in Europe. The event was visited by diverse industrial categories, including architects, designers, and investors, hotel and restaurant owners and managers, local government representatives, industry representatives, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

During the event, Billion Electric showcased innovative Smart Lighting solutions and a variety of LED drivers. Designed in a complete range of 40 to 200W, Class 2 LED drivers present the next generation power supply by providing enhanced LED luminaries. This newly released model emphasizes cost-effective electronics delivering powerful energy outputs and high-efficiency. Class 2 LED drivers installed with power isolation mechanism have a current leakage smaller than 0.25mA. In addition to the IP67 design and two steps OTP (Over-Temperature Protection), Class 2 LED drivers are waterproof, dust resistant, and are capable of withstanding in challenging environments and extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 100°C.

Billion also showcased Smart Lighting Control Management System (LCMS), a smart lighting solution that monitors and controls city streetlights remotely. LCMS allows administrators to reduce energy consumptions by setting luminaire schedule for specific areas to control the lighting for freeways, urban streets, and rural roads. The saving can reach up to 80 or 85% depending on different environmental scenarios for municipalities to reduce manpower maintenance costs. The spotlight of LCMS is the Billion-designed intelligent cloud computing platform integrated with 3G/4G LTE communication to control an extended region of streetlights without distance limitations. Billion is one of the first companies who adopted broadband power-line network in the streetlight management system supporting IP camera and smart city applications.

"The goal pointed by EU is to increase energy efficiency up of 20% by 2020. Taking into the accounts of climate change and scarcity of energy resources, EU economy will eventually decide to alternate to a more energy effective lighting", says Harry Tsai, Senior Sales Director of Power and Energy Management Division at Billion Electric Co. Ltd. "While the worldwide countries are shrinking their purchasing budgets, Poland has a rapidly rising GDP, which made Poland a leading country for business investment. In addition to the transparent and favorable import and export climate, Poland has a great potential for Billion Electric Co. to initiate its first step entering the European market", concludes Harry Tsai.


Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, TAIEX: 3027, trading as Billion) is an Asian-Pacific technology company that provides a complete product portfolio of
advanced power supply, LED drivers, and Smart Lighting solutions. Via the capability of Research & Development equipped with over 900 experts in laboratories, Billion Electric is determined to pursue the leading-edge position of the industry vanguard and to provide its current and future customers with the best quality of LED equipments.

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