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F1 100W LED Driver Series

  • High efficiency - Universal Input Voltages
Billion F1 100W LED Driver series features high voltage/low current output, full voltage(90~295Vac) input, IP67 dust and water resistant aluminum exterior, high efficiency, high PF value and 4KV surge protection(IEC 61000-4-5), which can operate normally in the severe environment from -40~60 °C. The series supports a variety of outdoor applications including Street light, Industrial lighting (mining lamp and patio lamp), landscape lighting (flood light, projection lamp and LED wash wall light). Meanwhile, the series supports 1-10V, PWM, resistive intelligent dimming and Billion LCMS-Smart Streetlight Management Solution, achieving the goal of smart lighting.
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• Input: 90 ~ 295 Vac
• Power Factor: >0.98 at 115 Vac / ≥ 0.95 at 230 Vac at rated power
• Leakage Current: <0.75mA at 230 Vac/50Hz
• Protection: OTP / OCP / OVP / SCP
• Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C at rated power
• Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
• MTBF: 300K hour min. MIL-HDBK-217F (25°C)​
• Three-in-One dimming control (PWM, 1~10V, or resistance)
• Timer dimming control (Please contact Billion for more details)
• Meet 4kV surge-protection standard IEC61000-4-5
• Output current can be adjusted via built in variable resistor (Please contact Billion for more details)​
MODEL BLL0100F1-30-C BLL0100F1-36-C BLL0100F1-48-C BLL0100F1-54-C
DC Voltage Range Note.2 21-30V 26-36V 33-48V 38-54V
Rated Current 3.5A 2.8A 2.1A 1.75A
Efficiency (Max.) 93%
Rated Power 105W 100.8W 100.8W 94.5W
Ripple and Noise (Max.) 500mV
Current Tolerance ±5%
Voltage Tolerance ±10%
Set up time (Max.) 2000ms/115 Vac and 1000ms/230 Vac at rated power
Dimension (L*W*H) 211mm x 68mm x 39mm
Weight ≒1000g
Electrical Specifications
Input 90 ~ 305Vac
Power Factor >0.98 at 115Vac / ≧0.95 at 230Vac at full load.P.F≧0.9 at 75% load at 230Vac
Leakage Current <0.75mA at 230Vac/50Hz
Protection OVP / SCP / OTP / OCP
Class II isolation power -
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 60℃ at Full Load.
Operating Humidity 10% ~ 95% RH non-condensing.
MTBF 300K hours min. MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃)