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BiPAC 2093 R2

  • Pocket-sized HD200 Powerline Wall Plug Ethernet Adapter
Adopting with the latest DS2-based 200Mbps technology, BiPAC 2093 R2 is an ideal home networking solution via in-home power line loop to connect different kinds of devices such as modems, routers, PCs, set-top-boxes, IP Cameras, and game consoles for high-definition video streaming, online gaming, and other high bandwidth-hungry applications.
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Extend an Entertainment network via in-home power line

No need to drill on the wall or extra wires! Just plug in the BiPAC 2093 R2 into power socket and one touch of the “Sync” button on the device to install the bridge utility immediately, then your high-speed network is ready. Smart Transmission technology is featured to enable the data running on the best path and extend connection coverage for users to enjoy premium transmission performance.
Low power consumption
With the Smart Power Saving technology, the BiPAC 2093 R2 can automatically detect its Ethernet connection and fall into sleep mode when an Ethernet-based device is powered down or disconnected, that reduces power consumption significantly and saves bills. Make a “Green” home with the BiPAC 2093 R2 and become more energy efficient!

Noise-immune data transmission
Unlike other power line devices, the BiPAC 2093 R2 supports superior and noise-immune data transmission over in-home electrical power lines. Even when your family turns on an electronic device or turns off a light, you won’t experience any interruption to latency-sensitive applications such as multimedia or video being shared with your family in another room.

Premium Transmission Quality and Performance
With Quality of Service (QoS) Control and video optimization, the BiPAC 2093 R2 will automatically optimize transmission quality and recognize the bandwidth needs of voice and video applications to make your network a pleasure to use. Furthermore, the built-in Smart Route technology helps to always maintain the best transmission path under the best transmission quality. Smart Repeater technology extends the connection coverage and enhances connection performance. 

  • Interoperable with standard
  • Provides high-speed data transfer rate up to 200Mbps via electrical wiring
  • Smart Power Saving technology for improved power efficiency
  • Smart Route for the best transmission path
  • Smart Repeater for increased connection coverage
  • Utilizes Quality of Service control
  • Supports Triple Play applications such as IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access
  • 1x 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • Utmost slim and light design
  • Ideal for residential users 

Type / Topology P2P
Application In-home
Modulation OFDM
Hardware Interface
Power source AC 100~240 +/- 10%
Housing Plastic
PLC signal connector Power plug
Interface RJ45 x1
In-Building BPL Access Solution -
BPL Access Head-End Unit (BiPAC 2300 R2) connects to CO side via Fiber network and distributes BPL signals to BPL Access End-Point Unit (BiPAC 2104) through its power cable.

The BPL Access Solution for Multiple Dwelling Building –
The BPL Access Head-End Unit (BiPA2300
R2), located close to the building, supplies the entire network distribution. BPL Access End-Point Unit (BiPAC 2103, BiPAC 2104) connects to the Head‐End and provides Internet access simply plug into power outlet. 

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