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Billion SG5001 R2

  • Broadband PLC AMI Low Voltage End Point
Billion SG5001 R2 is a standalone end-point device that can be connected with a smart meter by using RS485 or RS232, enabling Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Services for meters with serial interfaces. This broadband PLC communication CPE has a state-of-the-art broadband PLC chipset. It can offer robust and broadband network communication over the electricity grid, integrating the existing metering systems with an intelligent IP-based network.
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Key Features
  • Standalone device
  • 44Mbps physical connection bandwidth
  • 10 / 100 Ethernet x 1
  • RS485 / RS232 interface
  • AC power: 90-250VAC, 50/60Hz
  • LED status indicator
  • Automatic repeating and Ad-Hoc networking
  • Automatic re-configurations
  • PnP installation
  • DES, 3DES, 128-bit, and 256-bit AES
  • Up to 15 direct PLC connection
  • 802.1P traffic priority classification
  • Power mask management z SNMP and web network management protocol
  •  Up to 1536 carriers for better noise immunity
  • Dimension: 180×120×45 mm
  • Unit Net Weight: 300 g

Significant Cost Saving
SG5001 can interface the meter either directly or via a collector, supporting real-time remote control as well as Smart Grid applications including power outage notification and alarm information, load management, historical data and readings every minute, remote monitoring of the grid network, real-time consumption and tariff data to customers, and remote connect / disconnect, etc. The initial cost of implementation of Billion Broadband PLC as the AMI communication network technology may be higher compared with narrow-band based PLC or other wireless technologies. However, high bandwidth and scalable functionalities of broadband PLC add significant cost savings to the maintenance of AMI and implementation of future smart grid applications. Broadband PLC also provides a cost-effective alternative solution for last mile broadband access to home and office buildings.
Support Wide Range of Applications and Future Extension
Bi-directional broadband bandwidth offered by broadband PLC supports wide range applications such as real-time monitoring, video surveillance, SCADA, tele-protection and other consumer services, which all aim at improving customer satisfaction.

Ease of Central Control and Remote Management 
The system supports standard–based SNMP network management protocol that reduces maintenance cost tremendously. Secure transmission Like all IP-based networks, there are many potential threats and vulnerabilities within an AMI system. Utilities are now moving from a world of offline meters to a network of smart meters communicating on 7×24 basis. Security measurement is an important task in the planning of AMI. PLC provides enhanced security by leveraging standard based DES/3DES encryption to ensure the protection of consumer data and AMI infrastructure.
Economical and Flexible Solutions for Low Density Rural Areas
In most rural areas, cellular signals are not readily available as wireless coverage is much less. Narrowband PLC system provides an economical AMR solution but often lacks the real-time communication capability and critical reliability; it takes longer to collect data and failure rates are higher. Infrastructures built with broadband PLC technology can solve many of the issues described above and provide economical and flexible solutions for data collecting for low-density rural communities. 
Type / Topology CPE, Repeater
Application AMI (Proof of concept)
Modulation OFDM
Hardware Interface
Power source AC 100~240 +/- 10%
Housing Plastic
PLC signal connector Power cord with plug
Interface RJ45x1, RS485/RS232, Molex PLC connector

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