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BiPAC 2310

  • EoC Head-End Unit
BiPAC 2310 acts as the bridge to combine the CATV and Ethernet signal for delivery over the standard coaxial in-building distribution system. It​ is designed to combine CATV signals with Ethernet digital data traffic to subscriber’s home through the existing coaxial network and can meet IP interactive service requirement of MDU application and supports VOD service through rate limit.
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Extends a high-speed Internet connection through existing CATV network 
EoC network system establishes a network within a building or community, enabling broadband connectivity over existing coaxial cables already in place. It provides fast reliable and cost efficient distribution of broadband Internet access. With EoC, the cable operator and system integrator can extend Internet access and services to every TV outlet over the coaxial network, without further infrastructure rewiring.
  • 200Mbps physical connection bandwidth
  • 10/100 Ethernet x 2
  • Coaxial cable interface 75Ohm F connector
  • AC power: 90-250VAC,50/60Hz
  • Ability to configure as a head-end master or a repeater
  • Traffic control and isolation: VLAN/OVLAN
  • 802.1D bridging protocol
  • Up to 128 MACs table size for multiple devices
  • Up to 31 direct CATV connection
  • DES and 3DES encryption
  • QoS with 8 level priority queues
  • 802.1P traffic priority classification
  • Bandwidth limitation for each End Point
  • Power mask management
  • SNMP and web network management protocol
  • Configurable bandwidth from 2 to 30MHz
  • Dimension: 270 x 250 x 78mm
  • Unit net weight: 2.3 kg 
Easy to install
Simply for CATV operators to connect EoC End-Point Unit to a splitter using the provided Ethernet cable and to an available coaxial outlet in the room to access your home' s coaxial wiring to establish a network connection.

Reliable HD streaming
Deliver a faster and more reliable stream of High-Definition quality entertainment seamlessly across your home.

Network security
Provide data encryption with password protection to establish a secure connection to help keep your data safe from unauthorized access. 
Type / Topology Head-end, Repeater
Application EOC
Modulation OFDM
Hardware Interface
Power source AC/DC 100~240 +/- 10%
Housing Metal (Plastic)
PLC signal connector coaxial cable
Interface RJ45 x2
EoC Head-end Unit (BiPAC 2310) connects to CO side via Fiber network and distributes EoC signals to EOC End-Point Unit (BiPAC 2110) through its coaxial cable. The EoC End Unit (BiPAC 2110), located close to the building, supplies the entire network distribution. EoC Head-End Unit (BiPAC 2310) connects to the Head­end and provides Internet access simply connecting to coaxial outlet. 

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