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BiPAC 2300 R2

  • BPL Access Head-End Unit
BiPAC 2300 BPL Access Head-End Unit provides a cost-effective means of delivering broadband to a large group of users within one building. BiPAC 2300 R2 Gateway allows for easy installations in neighborhoods, single and multi-dwelling units (MDUs) where the Head-End Unit acts as a head-end unit, extending an existing internet connection (Fiber, ADSL, Satellite, etc.) over a power line, depending on the customer’s requirements and infrastructure.
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Connects and transfers data over the electric grid from the backhaul to the customer’s endpoints

The Head-End can automatically deliver the broadband connection throughout the whole building via the electrical wiring. It works in even the hardest-to-reach building environment and enables service providers to bring quickly and easily high-speed broadband access to business and residential customers in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) or multi-tenant buildings.

The Head-End Unit allows users to extend an internet connection to a powerline or cable network within an MDU, without the need for installing new wiring. End users can connect their Ethernet enabled devices such as PC’s, VoIP phones, Media Centers, etc., using the BiPAC 2104 to create a link to the internet.

  • 200Mbps physical connection bandwidth
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports x 2
  • AC power: 90-250VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Ability to configure as a head-end master or a repeater
  • Traffic control and isolation: VLAN/OVLAN
  • 802.1D bridging protocol
  • Up to 1024 MAC table size for multiple devices
  • Up to 32 direct PLC connections
  • Up to 1536 carriers for better noise immunity
  • DES and 3DES encryption
  • QoS with 8 level priority queues
  • 802.1P traffic priority classification
  • Bandwidth limitation for each CPE
  • Power mask management
  • SNMP v1/v2.0 (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Web GUl support
  • Configurable bandwidth from 2 to 30MHz
  • Configurable spectral location from 2 to 34 MHz l
  • Temperature range: -40℃~60℃ (included solar load)
  • IP-Class: IP65
  • Humidity: Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Type / Topology Head-end, Repeater
Application BPL
Modulation OFDM
Hardware Interface
Power source AC 100~240 +/- 10%
Housing Metal (Plastic)
PLC signal connector BNC (Power cord with plug)
Interface RJ45 x2

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