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Billion M600

  • 4G/LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router
Billion M600 4G/LTE Multi-Carrier Router is a versatile, feature-packed 4G/LTE Router in rugged design and is compatible with Billion M50-U cellular modem plug-in for an immediate mobile network expansion support up to 2 radios and 4 SIMs. This platform comes with 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, up to two (2) configurable LAN/WAN ports, two (2) multi-purpose USB 2.0 hosts, embedded GPS with multi-GNSS engine for GPS or GLONASS, carrier-grade dual-band WIFI access point and Hotspot with captive portal, enterprise routings, secured VPNs, vehicle ignition sensing, robust firewall security and cloud-based remote device management. M600 is designed to support a wide range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) market segments and improve business continuality.
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Key Features
High performance & reliability and easy to manage and access
  • Offers 4G/LTE broadband connectivity (3G Fallback is optional)
  • Multi-WAN interfaces: Dual SIM per Radio, EWAN, and Wi-Fi WAN for network resilience and reliable connectivity
  • Multi-Service APN Selection and Management
  • Carrier Grade 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Hotspot and Captive Portal Functionality
  • Embedded GPS option for real-time asset tracking and location data-based applications

Enterprise Class Routing and Security
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols (BGP, OSPF)
  • Secured VPNs (IPSec, GRE, LT2P, PPTP, OpenVPN)

Designed for challenging / rugged
  • Hardened enclosure with Industrial-graded components
  • Designed to withstand heat, humidity and protect from shock, vibration, etc.
Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services Ready
M600 platform supports up to four (4) SIMs for carrier redundancy or failover (with M50-U) between carrier networks and is equipped up to two (2) versatile Gigabit Ethernet LANs/WANs for wireline connection such as Fiber(FTTH), Cable or DSL with speeds up to 1000Mbps.

Secure Network Privacy Protection
With hardware-based VPN engine, M600 supports simultaneous and multiple VPN remote and/or site-to-site connection access without network performance degradation. All online data transmissions including phone call, database access, etc. are encrypted and protected via the VPN technologies offered by the M600 including PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, GRE, OpenVPN and compatible with most major servers and platforms by establishing private tunnels and enabling office environment for Remote/Branch employees to work without being present in the headquarter office to ensure business continuity

Maximized Wi-Fi Speed and Coverage
With the next wireless generation, 802.11ac, integrated in the M600, the router delivers fast Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1200Mbps. The M600 supports a link rate up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz frequency range & 867Mbps in 5GHz range and is also backward compatible with existing 802.11 a / b / g / n wireless equipment in the network. The Wireless Protected Access (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) features enhance the level of transmission security and access control over Wireless LAN. M600 also supports the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard for easy and secure establishment of a wireless home network. If the user’s network requires wider coverage, the built-in Wireless Distribution System (WDS) repeater function expands the wireless network without needing any external wires or cables.

Wi-Fi Hotspot with Captive Portal
M600 offers Wi-Fi hotspot to share the Internet connection via mobile (3G/LTE) or a wired connection, an existing FTTH, cable, DSL network or modem, with any wireless-enabled devices which is completed separate from the private Wi-Fi network. The captive portal enables highly secure connectivity with multiple authentication options and extensive controls for access and bandwidth management. Customization options allow for operator logos, branding or advertisement placement.
WAN Interface
3G/4G LTE ● (x2)
ADSL only -
Hardware Interface
SIM slot 2
Fast Ethernet -
Giga Ethernet 4
USB 2.0 2
802.11n (2.4 GHz) 300Mbps
802.11ac (5 GHz) 867Mbps
dual band 802.11n -
GPS ● (Optional)
mini USB -
Serial port (RS-232) -
IPv4 / IPv6
Failover / Fallback
Load balance
Dual APNs
Dual firmware images
Metal casing
Hardware Specifications
Physical Specifications Dimensions: 8.86"(W) x 1.97"(H) x 6.79"(D) (225mm x 50 mm x 172.4 mm)
Power Requirements DC input steady state voltage range: 10 ~ 56 VDC
Operating Environment -40°C ~ 60 °C
Humidity 20% - 95% non-condensing
Application Diagram

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